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About Us


About Our Reliable Family Medical Care Center

Excel Family Medical is a professional family medical care center that you can rely on for excellent services and accurate results. We realize that healthcare is continuing to become even more complicated and expensive. That is, we are a clinic that is committed to decreasing the barrier between the healthcare you need and what you expect. Whether it is a minor exam or informative tests, we can help you out and provide you with the medical services you may need.

Family Medical Care

Why You Should Choose Us

Our urgent care clinic was created by healthcare professionals that are both talented and experienced. The main goal at our clinic is for our clients to be able to enjoy their lives while making sure to live healthily. We are prepared with all the necessary equipment and tools to complete each exam. Whether it is an urgent situation or one that can wait, you are more than welcome to come into our clinic in Blanchard, OK for healthcare services.

Professional and Reliable Services

Our company in Blanchard, OK consists of a team of professional medical practitioners that have 20 years of experience working in this industry. Excel Family Medical is a licensed, bonded, and insured family medical care clinic that you can rely on.

Core Values

C -Compassionate A -Attentive R -Respectful E -Excellence 

Mission statement

Excel Family Medical will be compassionate and attentive to every patient. We will always be respectful to our patients and to each other. Everything we do will be done with integrity and a servant’s heart while striving for excellence.

Here for Our Patients

Our affordable prices, flexible scheduling, and efficient service make us your best source for all of your and your family’s acute or chronic healthcare needs. Our caring providers and staff are dedicated to providing you with the compassion and respect you deserve. Our clinic was started for you. We are dedicated to making your healthcare experience as positive and productive as possible. 

Healthcare continues to become more complicated and expensive. We are different. We are a simple clinic dedicated to decreasing barriers to the care you need and expect. Our clinic was created by talented and experienced healthcare professionals who want to help you enjoy the best things in life – starting with your health & wellness. Give us a call, book an appointment online, or just walk in and come see us. We are excited about the opportunity to serve you!

Excel Family Medical is a professional clinic that strives to provide every patient with reliable services they need.

How We Can Help 

Our services will help you improve your quality of life and deal with chronic illnesses and their symptoms. We are a healthcare clinic in Blanchard, OK that provides you with access to a team of professional and knowledgeable practitioners who can help you achieve your healthcare goals. 

Trust Our Healthcare Professionals 

Our providers are completely dedicated to our clients and their health, which is why you can trust our team. Excel Family Medical is the clinic that you need to care for you and your entire family. Give us a call now and schedule your appointment!

If you need a professional urgent care facility, give us a call today at (405) 888-8483 or walk on in.


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